5 must have fashion items for Women

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Whether you're a casual or formal girl, it doesn't matter. You need to know about the five fashion items every woman should have in her closet! While some of them might seem obvious, others might be a little more surprising. Let's talk about the five MUST HAVE fashion items for women!

Although all items are great and essential, but sometimes it is really hard to decide on the specific ones for yourself. That's why I decided to create a small list of few must haves every woman should have. Each product has its own unique quality and adds value to our life.


Sun glasses

I can definitely say that sun glasses are a must-have item in every fashion collection. There are three reasons why I love wearing sun glasses. First of all, they can be used to enhance your make up style perfectly. One of the trends these days is to accentuate your eyes with a great pair of sun glasses.

Secondly, having a pair of good sun glasses will help you stand out from the crowd! Maybe you have a round face or a long neck - but still want to look like everyone else? It’s not easy, but styling an eye-catching pair of sun glasses can certainly help you stand out!

The last and I think the best reason to own sun glasses is their ability to protect you from UV rays and harmful effects of sunshine. Sun glasses, especially designer sun glasses can be tricky to buy because not all sun glasses are 100% made from real glasses.


Back Pack

A back pack is the first item on the list of things every woman should have. Back pack is the most convenient way to carry items while traveling.

Of course, there are also men’s backpacks and designer backpacks for women. However, a woman will still have to choose the best back pack for her. While we men carry our things in our pockets or in a brief case, ladies will often opt for their own stylish bags while leaving home.



What’s the best clothing item in the world for every woman out there? Well, that really depends on your personal style. But, if you ask me, everyone could use a good pair of boots in their lives, regardless of the season.

Luckily for you, I’ve got your back covered with this article! Here are four reasons why every woman should have at least one pair of boots and tips on how you can choose the best women’s boots to fit your personal needs.

Let it be during the summer or winter, a good pair of boots is never wrong; boots are just timeless. No matter what your style is, you should have a go-to pair of boots that you know and love.


Wrist Watch

An accessory that every woman should have in her fashion collection is a watch.Watch come with different kinds of bands, shapes, styles, materials, and sizes. There are basically two styles of watches: analog and digital. You can choose which one suits you best by reading this piece or not...

A watch is one the most basic accessories that any woman has in their collection. It’s something that should not be forgotten because a watch can make or break an outfit. When out shopping for watches, there are a lot of things to consider. A good quality watch will last many years and shouldn’t be taken for granted.



A shawl is an item every woman should have in her fashion collection. Whether you’re having some drinks with friends on a Friday night, going to work or meeting a date for coffee; a shawl can be your best friend.

Let’s be honest, every woman needs a shawl in their wardrobe. There are tons of reasons why you need a shawl in your closet, so let me tell you about the reasons why you should own one! A shawl is a luxurious fashion accessory that every woman should have. It can add style and beauty to a woman’s appearance no matter where she goes. It is light, accommodating, and attractive.

Shawls are a great accessory to every woman's wardrobe, but most people don't realize the various uses it can have. The most popular use forshawls right now is as a fashion piece. Many celebrities and women are wearing them around their necks and look fabulous doing so.


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At the end of the day, the best season of the year. I think that most of us don't care about what is happening in the fashion world, but at the same time we want to look beautiful and stylish. It's not easy to know which are the must have items for our closet, that's why I have picked the above must haves. You are welcome.