Bugatti unveils all new Year 2019 Centodieci

(Credit: Bugatti)


An unveiling like never before. If there is anything Bugatti does well, it is the power of great designs and an element of surprise.

With a truly limited edition, 1,600 Horse power and a whooping cost of million, the Centodieci is certainly not going to appeal the pocket of the average Joe.



Though with a mixed reaction from lovers and followers of the brand about the design, the eye popping limited edition Centodieci is nothing short of an above average design for a super car.

Moreover, we will not be surprised if the Centodieci is already sold out before release to the general public.



A truly Italian concept right from its name which means 110 in Italian to its design and manufacturing base. However, this is not surprising with recent acquisition by VW with investments and fresh view point.


This will certainly be a car that will create a landmark wherever it goes in the hands of only a rich few.